Jack Crouch

aka one of those portfolio websites

Hello, I am Jack Crouch and I'm a person from Surrey, UK. I'm currently studying a degree in Geography at Royal Holloway.

I like programming, geography and long walks in the park. I use Java and some Python to code snippets in, and I take photos / draw / play bass. I also own a Nikon F4 and a Canon EOS-1D. Check them out . I also have a mini blog.

I've done a bunch of things. You can see this in my CV (et en Français si vous préférez). I worked at UCL for two weeks during an internship, see the results of that here.

  • Here's my Github.
  • My Twitter.
  • My Octodon.
  • Contact me at jackcrouch@posteo.net.

    If you like the stuff I do, feel free to give a tip.

    This site is intentionally barebones. No active content or JS, just HTML as there are people out there who might not have the best internet speeds.