*obligatory post about Love Island* (05/08/19)

I'm going to be shouting into the void about this but the feelings I get from Love Island are the same from Channel 4 era Big Brother. The social media of it all surpasses X Factor and BGT nowadays and I never felt Big Brother has this much attention online. New era of people anyway, and the viewership declined massively when it was moved to Five. Actually, wait, even before that because of bad things that happened which meant it didn't air for a year or so. The C4 era intros were proper kino though.

Anyway I'm convinced Love Island encourages head turning/cheating etc. Like you get snippets of people saying "oh man i miss this girl she was lovely now chad mcbigpackage has got her"

I suddenly don't care about this anymore

UK transport sucks (16/07/19)

Netherlands: Can load money or travelcards on a card (3-day travel on GVB/NS for 28EUR), trains run on time, looks nice and overall cheapish

Germany: ABC ticket for something like 7.50EUR means unlimited travel for 24hrs* around Berlin, train at nearly every place you go to, efficient.

Denmark: A cross between the Netherlands and Germany with S/U-train intergration and cleanliness. Also contactless.

Estonia: 5EUR ticket stored on contactless card for 3-day travel. Small network but no need for trains as trams and busses do the same job if not better.

UK: £17.50 for a 1-6 travelcard where I live (£32 for anytime), different deals on different operators WHICH could be owned by the same company, no unified card system in place (I have an Oyster Card, The Key for GTR services, SouthEastern card... Would be really great if Oyster wasn't part of solely Greater London) but contactless debit payment exists, although have fun using these systems at the stations WITHOUT a reader i.e. Brighton.

My only wish is a JR-esque system with different regional companies operating the systems i.e. one for the South East, South West and so on.

Exams (7/05/19)

I don't really like them idk.

Programs I should use but never bother to (24/04/19)